Discover Your Passion, and the Money will Follow

Business is tough.

I’m not going to lie.

There are times that make you want to give up, or go back to a simple 9-5 job where you can leave your work behind when you leave for the day and not wake up in cold sweats during the night thinking about your business.

And if you don’t have the right motivation for your business, no doubt you WILL give up.

But, if your business is founded on your passion, something that you feel you were put on this Earth to do, then it’s much harder for you to throw in the towel. And it’s this level of persistence and focus that ultimately, eventually, brings success.

So, discover your passion, and you’ve just discovered what your business should be based around.

Often there is too much focus placed on making money when people follow business ideas – pursuing opportunities based purely on their expected or potential financial return.

This isn’t a sustainable approach.

Of course, money is important, it’s the lifeblood of your business – without cashflow, your business crashes, without profit, it slowly dies. So you need to ensure you get on the right side of cashflow and profit as early as possible.

But, if you’re bootstrapping your business ie you don’t have a great deal of cash to invest, then things take time. You have to invest a ton of time and effort into making your business work, and there will undoubtedly be tough times.

If you’re going through these tough times, and you have absolutely no intrinsic motivation for your business, just purely around the potential financial gains – chances are, you won’t even reach the point where you can enjoy those financial returns, because you’ll lose interest in the business and the constant grind of building a start-up with very little investment will take its toll on your optimism and the long-term vision of financial gain.

When you’re starting a business from next-to-nothing, you need to be sure that you are inspired by what your business is actually doing – financials aside.

Is your business making other people’s lives better?

Is it saving the planet?

Is it solving World hunger?

Okay, these are grandiose examples, but it highlights the type of non-financial goals and purpose that businesses can carry – and these are the ones that will keep you going, even if the financial rewards take a little longer than predicted.

This is what my 2nd course lecture covers in more detail – helping you to understand your passion(s) and then how to monetise these.

View the lecture preview in the video below, or enroll in my course over on Udemy today for the full version plus 27 other step-by-step videos on how to get your business up-and-running.

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