What is a Niche Audience and How Can I Make Money From it?

A niche audience is a specific group of people where you choose to focus your communication or marketing/promotional efforts.

Niche audiences can be super-specific – like focusing on people with an interest in playing the didgeridoo, or they can be broader, like focusing on people in a particular age range like 18-30yr olds.

Building a niche ultimately ensures you can communicate effective material that serves their particular needs and interests. It keeps promotional costs down, conversion rates high, and limits the competition you go up against.

And why do I ask this?

Because just recently I was catching up on Pat Flynn’s progress over on his Smart Passive Income blog.

I was amazed to see that he still includes his Security Guard Training adsense income on his monthly income report.

And although it’s now a relatively small part of his very healthy $150,000+ monthly income, at just $1,300 per month – it’s still a very rewarding and realistic starting point for most people looking to start an online business.

Pat started this niche website back in 2010, so I’m a little behind the times covering this in 2016 – but there’s a method to me revisiting this far on.

The fact that Pat is still earning a healthy monthly income from his own niche sites is testament to the fact that building niche websites is an evergreen way to make money online.

Once they’re up, capturing a good amount of traffic, and they’re optimised for monetisation, they are a great way to make consistent passive income – pretty much for the rest of your life.

But have all the niches now been taken?

In an age where the necessary information to start your own niche website and to research the most potentially rewarding niches is publicly available, are there still gaps and niches that haven’t yet been tapped and that you can make money from?

Of course, new niches can appear all the time with the latest fads and crazes, but I’m talking about the evergreen niches – the ones that deliver consistent income, for decades, not just for a few months.

So, Pat, 6 years on, I’m taking you up on your challenge to take part in your niche site duel – and I too will document my progress throughout, from selecting the niche, to setting up the site, creating the content, getting the site ranked in Google, and monetising it.

The aim?

To hopefully prove that there are still endless niches that people just like me and you can use to quickly and easily generate a consistent online income.

In my Udemy course ‘Fasttrack Entrepreneur: Start an Online Business in 4 Weeks’ I teach people how to start their own business from scratch, across a broad range of business models (ecommerce through to blogging and vlogging) – so I see this experiment as an extension to this – I’ll go back to where I started, from scratch, and with less than £20, I’ll show you how you can create a profitable online business (I hope!).

I’m putting my reputation on the line, and I’m willing to do this to hopefully prove how anyone can set their own business up online.

When I’m done, I’ll use this post to link to each post I create to show you every stage of the process I follow.

But for now, just stay tuned to my blog for updates as I start my journey towards creating a niche website.

Fancy taking the challenge too?

I invite you to start your own niche site and to document your progress – updating me and readers on your journey, strategy, and steps to building a successful niche website in the comments below.

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