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Top Ten Best Free Udemy Courses for Entrepreneurs

Top Ten Best Free Udemy Courses for Entrepreneurs

Since I joined Udemy last year, something I’ve noticed a demand for is people wanting to know what the best free udemy courses for entrepreneurs are.

One common trait displayed by most successful entrepreneurs and CEOs is that of constant learning – whether that be reading, taking courses, watching videos, or listening to podcasts – so it’s no surprise that people want to know what the best udemy courses are for learning how to become a better entrepreneur and business owner.

Udemy is one of the best platforms for peer-to-peer learning and development, and when it comes to entrepreneurship, this is by far the best way to learn – from other entrepreneurs’ experiences, successes, and failures.

There are no effective academic textbooks, University courses, or theory-based explanations on how to make it as a successful entrepreneur.

Business is an art, not a science. So what works in theory, very rarely works in practice.

That’s why peer-to-peer, evidence-based, and experience-based education is one of the best approaches for entrepreneurs to learn effectively – and Udemy is perfectly geared for this.

So, I’ve taken the time to sift through all entrepreneurship and business related courses on Udemy to bring you a list of the top 10 best free Udemy courses for Entrepreneurs to learn from.

Here they are:

10. Entrepreneurship: The Making of a Great Entrepreneur (by Jack Delosa)

Jack brings a very motivating vibe to his videos, and a wealth of experience – he’s also been fortunate enough to spend quite a bit of time around Richard Branson and other high profile entrepreneurs and shares what he has learnt from them also in his course.

This course is great for entrepreneurs who feel they aren’t quite reaching their full potential, or for people looking to adopt the mindset and start their journey as an entrepreneur.

It’s very much mindset-oriented, more so than being about practical application, so is great for re-aligning your mind for success and mentally preparing yourself for the challenges that entrepreneurs face so that you can overcome these in your own journey.

9. Programming for Entrepreneurs – HTML & CSS (by Pablo Farias Navarro)

A great one for anyone looking to start an online business and that doesn’t have the financial resources or connections to use external programming talent to get started.

This course is designed for complete beginners, so absolutely no prior experience of coding or computers is necessary – it will guide you through the basics of HTML and CSS and all you’ll need is a computer, a web browser, and a simple code editor like Textpad.

Even if you’re looking to employ a developer to get your online business up-and-running, this course is great for gaining a basic understanding of programming so you can understand what your developer is talking about, and ensure they aren’t pulling the wool over your eyes!

8. Entrepreneurship 101: Designing Great Products and Services (by Davis Jones)

As the title suggests, this is a very product/service design oriented course – so perfect for those who don’t already have a product/service or those who are stuck finding a place to start their entrepreneurial journey.

The course will help ensure that you understand your target market needs and demands thoroughly before you even start thinking about a product/service launch – so you will have a strong market for your business once it launches.

7. How to Build an Online Business: A Complete Business Plan (by Mike Omar)

Great for those entrepreneurs looking for passive sources of income, rather than a more involving, time-consuming business.

Mike Omar specialises in building small businesses and niche sites that generate income on auto-pilot, so he’s the perfect person to learn from when it comes to building this type of business.

From the basics of building your own WordPress website, through to making $1,000+ per niche site through SEO and other online marketing techniques. This course covers everything in an easy to follow, step-by-step format.

6. Entrepreneurship for Kids (by Entrepreneur School)

This was a cool course I found whilst doing my research on the best free Udemy courses for entrepreneurs – one geared towards kids!

I spent a lot of time in local Primary schools a couple of years back promoting enterprise and entrepreneurship amongst young children and it was an awesome experience – it’s great to work with this age group because they have such wild ideas and think anything is possible.

This makes it a great environment to let ideas flourish without being stifled by fear or experience of previous failures – plus its great fun for the kids too!

So this course is perfect for planting the entrepreneurship seed at a young age, and for making children aware that this is an option for them as they grow older.

5. Growth Hacking: Free Tools for Small Business Owners (by Nathalie Chantal de Ahna)

A great course for those entrepreneurs who have already started their journey but aren’t seeing the progress they wished to see in their business.

Specifically focused on quick, easy-to-implement growth hacks – this course will help you fast-track your existing small business to success.

4. Introduction to Business Ownership (by West Texas University Small Business Development Centre)

As the author name suggests, this is an Academic-backed course, and one geared more for the US than any other Country, but if you are an entrepreneur based in the US who is scratching their head about the more formal side of starting-up a business (legalities and such) then this course gives the perfect introduction to setting-up.

3. Build. Measure. Learn. Lean Startup SXSW 2012 (by Steve Blank et al)

With over 78,000 enrolled students, this is a super popular course, with some great ratings – so don’t just take my word for it, this is a perfect course for those entrepreneurs looking to get started without a great deal of financial or other resources to hand.

With some interesting real-life case studies, this course is engaging and very informative – a definite must-have in your entrepreneur course inventory.

2. Trademark Law for Entrepreneurs (by Dana Robinson)

A great course to save money on solicitor fees by filing your own trademark – but only if you’re based in the US (if you’re UK based, check out my number 1 course below – this covers trademark registration in the UK instead).

Every business that is gaining a good level of traction should be seriously considering registering a trademark for their brand – so that they are protected legally from copycat organisations.

This course covers the process involved in gaining that protection, but without incurring extortionate legal fees in the process.

1. Fast Track Entrepreneur: Build an Online Business in 4 Weeks (by Gavin Edley)

Yes, shameless plug here – and not strictly a free course, but if you follow the link above you’ll get this course for just $10.

My very own Udemy course on entrepreneurship is designed in a step-by-step format, from idea generation, to creating a WordPress website, to the practical steps involved in incorporating a company, to marketing your products/services effectively online, to how you can automate and delegate processes in your business.

In an actionable format, I talk you through each and every single step involved in setting up a successful, profitable online business – just as though I’m sat at the side of you, each day, for 4 weeks, until you finally have a fully operating and income-generating business.

And there you have it!

My full list of the best free Udemy courses on entrepreneurship – dive in, get learning, and take action.

*NOTE: The courses listed above were available free on Udemy at the time of writing, but this may have changed since.